Consumer Review Needfinding
Crowd-Driven Innovation: Consumer Review Needfinding     Spring 2013

In-Class Activity: Consumer Review Needfinding

User data helps designers make well-informed decisions that can influence product adoption. Online data collection does not (and should not) replace face-to-face data gathering methods, but it can provide an additional research method to add to your tool belt. For this activity, you will gather and synthesize information from an online review site to understand customer needs/desires about a particular business venue. The goal is to be able to: 1) Mine social media sites for needs/desires 2) Analyze large amounts of social media data.

needfinding → ideating → prototyping → pitching

local contexts
Use review sites to investigate customers needs and desires for a prominent organization in your city. Choose one of the following:
  1. Get into a group of 3 or 4 students and choose one of the contexts above.
  2. Create a Google doc to share with your teammates.
  3. Everyone (individually) collect and label interesting quotes from the review site.
  4. Identify and organize the quotes according recurring themes. The organizational scheme is up to you.
  5. Create a short summary of good/bad aspects of the experience and potential design opportunities.
Questions for discussion: